About Changshou, Chongqing
Accelerate the development of "two places and one city" and struggle for a resplendent chapter in a new journey of Chongqing in new era

Changshou District stands out as the sole city in China that bears the name "longevity". Situated to the east of Chongqing's central urban area, it stretches across both banks of the majestic Yangtze River. Renowned as a crucial hub for steel and chemical industries in the western region, it serves as the primary urban center and pilot area in the urban integration development of Chongqing. It has the regional advantages of encompassing the main urban area and connecting the two wings, as well as the developmental advantages of high degree of industrial agglomeration and strong carrying capacity for industrial parks. The district also enjoys an advantageous logistics network, with multiple transportation options including railways, highways, waterways and pipelines. Adding to its allure, Changshou District is blessed with a picturesque environment, surrounded by mountains and waters, demonstrating a distinctive ecological advantage. Stepping into a new journey towards the comprehensive development of a socialist modernized country, the Changshou District Committee and Government are wholeheartedly dedicated to creating a veritably 'long-life' city in China that is internationally recognized, environmentally friendly, intelligent, and culturally rich. Guided by this development vision, they have identified several key objectives, including establishing a globally influential highland for new materials, a world-class destination for sports and wellness tourism, and a thriving center for life sciences in Changshou, China. Through these concerted efforts, their ultimate goal is to promote high-quality development.

We position ourselves at implementing the "3113" project and generating new momentum and advantages for development, by concentrating our efforts on the action plan and effectively overcoming any obstacles that may arise. To facilitate the development of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle in Chongqing, we are committed to implementing ten strategic actions and establishing "four lists" as part of the three special projects for "two cities and one city" development. Over the upcoming five years, we will be driving forward over 10 particularly significant projects and over 100 major projects per special project, with a total investment exceeding 300 billion CNY. Our aim is to create remarkable and pioneering accomplishments that will leave a lasting impact and garner widespread recognition. We will establish a general headquarter for overall coordination and three specialized command headquarters for deployment, appoint 30 district leaders as project team leaders, and create a "one-on-one" work pattern with 66 service specialists. Additionally, we will plan and reserve resources for 66 particularly significant projects and 317 major projects. In 2022, the district achieved a regional gross domestic product (GDP) of 91.86 billion CNY (growth rate 2.6%), a total output value of 147.15 billion CNY (growth rate 3.7%) for above-scale industries, and a fixed asset investment of 31.02 billion CNY (growth rate 5.2%). In the first quarter of 2023, the regional GDP experienced a remarkable growth of 7%, ranking the citywide top. Furthermore, the added value of above-scale industries increased by 10.2%, ranking the citywide sixth place.

42 new high-tech enterprises and 108 sci-tech enterprises
We position ourselves at the forefront of the industry by establishing a globally influential highland for new materials. The "Research Report on Tactics for Building Changshou Economic Development Zone into a World-Class Industrial Park" has been completed with high quality. Furthermore, upon beginning to implement the "Ten Start-up Projects for Building a World-Class Industrial Park", Changshou Economic Development Zone was rated the third in west China and the first in Chongqing in the comprehensive development level assessment conducted by the Ministry of Commerce for state-level economic development zones. We have taken serious measures to turn chains into cluster projects, particularly by introducing the "chain-leading" projects, such as the new materials for phosphorus energy with a scale of tens of billions. Additionally, we have funded 18 projects, including the production of Enjie lithium battery microporous diaphragms and Hualu aerogel composite materials, investing 35 billion CNY in augmenting the production capacity. Furthermore, the output value of the new materials industry has been kept at a proportion of above 1/4 of the city's total output value. We have taken serious measures also to achieve intelligence renovation and digital transformation. Our efforts have culminated in the establishment of two new intelligent plants and the digitization of 13 workshops. Furthermore, 30 commendable companies have launched their cloud platforms. As a direct consequence of these endeavors, the intelligent manufacturing development index has soared to a citywide sixth place. Our serious measures have also covered the realm of innovation, which has driven us to nurture 42 new high-tech enterprises and 108 sci-tech enterprises. Additionally, we have established 30% of the R&D institutions of above-scale industrial enterprises and developed three state-level enterprise technology centers, making Changshou Economic Development Zone awarded as a national pilot park for building a strong intellectual property country.
Let's envision a fresh panorama on the culture-agritourism integration all throughout the region, with the aim of developing a world-class destination for sports and wellness tourism. The city has acted as a frontrunner in the compilation of the "Guidelines for Ecological Protection and Restoration of Mountains, Waters, Forests, Fields, Lakes, and Grasslands". Moreover, it has overall coordinated the advancement of 70 significant projects of ecological protection and restoration, spanning across seven distinct categories. These commendable efforts have yielded remarkable outcomes, including an impressive record of 320 days of exceptional air quality and the sustained Class II water quality at the Changshou section of the Yangtze River. Accelerating the transformation of ecological products into cultural, tourism, and sci-tech products, the construction of the Changshou Lake Cultural Industry Park with a scale of tens of billions has been initiated. International renowned IPs, such as PVCP from France and Benhui Maya from Austria, have signed contracts and settled in. The China Rural Animation Festival has landed in Changshou. New strides have been taken in the development of core IPs such as Mingyue Mountain-Huangcao Mountain Culture-Agritourism Experience Area, the Dahonghu Zero Carbon Wellness Tourism Resort, Changshou International Slow City, and Changshou Mountain Cultural Park. The overall establishment of the "Natural Changshou" regional brand has led Changshou to an international market for the first time, with the outputs of poultry eggs and organic aquatic products staying at the citywide top place. Changshou has also been awarded as a state-level demonstration area for healthful and ecological aquaculture, with 13 newly certified city-level brand-name agricultural products and 6 green food products.
Together, let us promote the development of "two places and one city" and struggle for a resplendent chapter in a new journey of Changshou District, Chongqing in this new era!
We position ourselves at redefining the concept of urban development for a healthier and longer life by developing a life science city in Changshou, China. We aim to meticulously plan and build a world-class city and life city that aligns with international paradigms. Our effort will be put on completing the whole-region planning formulation for the Changshou city in China. Additionally, we will start up the planning and construction of the urban planning exhibition center and the data center. In line with the substantial effort on boosting the renewal of the city, the Xiaoshimen Yangtze River water supply project has successfully broken ground. Additionally, the Times Square landscape project, citizens' "parlor" for close-to-water leisure, has been put into service. Furthermore, a commendable initiative has been taken to launch nearly 3,500 sets of riverside area drainage systems, effectively mitigating potential risks and replacing dangerous and dilapidated buildings. Moreover, the renovation has covered 21 old neighborhoods and a significant area of 517,000 square meters of roads and sidewalks. Furthermore, 8 dead-end roads within the city have been opened. To substantially implement the "Longevity for All" action plan, leveraging the potential of the digital health industry, bolstered by the industry-academia-research platform for life sciences, and reinforced by full-lifecycle health management of all, the District Government has signed a cooperation agreement with Varian Medical Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and started up planning and construction of a health management data base and cancer prevention and control center, a chronic disease management center, and a health propaganda and education center.
Amidst the onset of a fresh wave of industrial transformation, Changshou District stands resolute, brimming with enthusiasm and poised for action. With even unwavering determination, higher-spirited confidence, and a more assertive posture, we shall embark on the relentless pursuit of excellence, strive to achieve the first-class status, and focus wholeheartedly on our immediate surroundings.

Together, let us promote the development of "two places and one city" and struggle for a resplendent chapter in a new journey of Changshou District, Chongqing in this new era!